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Express Lube Service

(4L oil only for petrols, Diesels p.o.a)

Oil and Oil filter changed, replaced with either 15w40, 10w40 or 10w30 semi synthetic oil or as required- we use much better quality oils than a number of other mechanics, and look at our price! This quality oil is designed to prolong your engine life and help it run more efficiently. It includes a free 19 point safety check. If your engine is in poor condition you will need this one too, otherwise just the Standard Service at 10,000km intervals and a full service every 2 years

Standard Service

This is your annual / 10,000km service and we include: oil & filter change, air filter cleaned, fuel injector cleaned, fuel conditioner & Pump lubricant added to tank, spark plugs cleaned & checked, coolant checked & topped up, Radiator pressure tested, Brakes visually checked and brake fluid topped up, Clutch and transmission checked and fluid topped up, window washer fluid topped up, all other under bonnet fluids topped up, door hinges and joints lubricated, Check shocks, CV Joints, steering, suspension, lights, cam belt data, tyre pressures corrected, WOF / Registration checked.

Full Service

Similar to standard service plus: Coolant changed, air filter changed, fuel filter changed, spark plugs changed, engine tuned, air intake system cleaned, carburettor cleaned, braked cleaned and inspected, park brake adjusted, joints lubricated as required, cam belt inspected, blown bulbs replaced. Based on small 4 cylinder petrol vehicle. Surcharges apply to some vehicles.

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